Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall is here!

So I have decided to give blogging another try. This summer I created a blog and wrote one whole blog post. So it's time for attempt #2. I am hoping this one will be a little more successful than the other one. I decided to create this blog to practice writing however I want, unlike all the writing I do for my communication studies. Another reason I want to blog is to write about all the things I don't always have the time or opportunity to do in real life, but still love to do. Things like decorating, baking, planning and decorating for parties, DIY projects, or any other artsy thing that inspires me. While I might not always have the time to do this in real life, I can at least pretend that I am going to eventually do everything I write about in the blog world. It probably won't  could happen, right?

Here in the south, it always seems like it takes fall forever to decide to make an appearance. I am always so ready for it to come-90 degree weather at the end of September is not fun. Fall is my favorite season-cool(ish) temperatures, scarves, the leaves on the trees turning brilliant shades of orange and red, college football, and of course, my birthday :). However, I think fall has finally decided to stick around-temperatures have been cooler and the leaves are starting to change! To celebrate the season, my boyfriend and I went apple picking last week at Sky Top Apple Orchard. Even though the leaves hadn't really started to change a lot , it was still a beautiful day and it actually felt like fall outside. We got way too many apples so we baked two apples pies to get rid of some of them. They also had tons of fun, fall decorations at the apple orchard. I only got one pumpkin to put on the porch but I would love to decorate my porch like this or like this...
However, I do not have the money or space to decorate like this, so my little porch with my lone pumpkin and my mums will do for now :)
Another thing I love about fall is all the pumpkin flavored things-pumpkin spice lattes (my favorite), pumpkin pie, pumpkin pound cake, and pumpkin bread to name a few. I have been making pumpkin spice coffee every single morning for the past few weeks and haven't gotten tired of it yet. Hopefully I will find some time to make some yummy fall treats soon. Might even post about them. We shall see. That's all for today!

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