Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Trader Joe's Experience

For the last day of fall break, my mom and I decided to make a trip to Trader Joe's. It opened in Greenville a few weeks ago, and we hadn't had the chance to go yet. I had been told it was the best of the Fresh Market and Whole Foods, but way cheaper. We love good prices, Fresh Market, and Whole Foods so it seemed as if Trader Joe's would be the perfect place for us. However, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. I did like it, I will get that out there for all you lovers of TJ's. However, when someone told me it was like Fresh Market, I expected to walk in and it look like this...
One of my favorite things about the Fresh Market is the relaxing atmosphere. I love the barrels of snack mixes, the jars of jelly beans, the classical music playing, the little free cups of coffee (which Trader Joe's did have might I add), the seasonal displays, the lack of fluorescent lights, and the fact that it doesn't feel like a typical grocery story. 

However, Trader Joe's had a tropical vacation theme going on throughout the store. I liked the theme, but it wasn't what I was expecting. The store was also very crowded today. The store has stayed pretty crowded since it opened, but today was election day and all the schools were out so I think it was more crowded than usual. I couldn't browse all the different kinds of food like I would have liked to because I felt like I was constantly running into people. Nevertheless, I decided that I needed to branch out and buy some stuff to try. I got some of these vacuum-friend banana chips...
I had no idea what to expect, but I like bananas and banana-flavored food. They were good-very crispy with a strong banana flavor. They could be compared to dried bananas, but they are much lighter and crispier.

Because I love everything pumpkin and was excited about the fall weather today,  I bought a box of this...
and some of this to go along with it...
I made the muffins right when I got home and they were so yummy! Definitely will be going back for more.

Although the atmosphere in Trader Joe's wasn't my favorite, their prices were great! Some of the prices were even lower than a typical grocery store, such as Bi-Lo or Publix. TJ's gives you quality food for quality prices.

This is where I need your help. What are some of your TJ favorites? I had no idea what to shop for, so when I go back, I want to have some ideas of what's good.

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  1. I walked by a Trader Joe's in NYC and I had no idea it was a food store! I thought it was more like a home depot/Michael's. Obviously, this post was of great help to me!