Monday, July 11, 2011

My New (P)interest

Allow me to share my latest interest with you - Pinterest. Pinterest is a new social media site that acts as a virtual bulletin board. You can "pin" photos into categories from almost any website (except Facebook). Many people use it to make inspiration boards for their home, wedding, wardrobe etc. Similar to Twitter, you can "follow" other peoples boards and also "repin" photos you like. However, unlike Twitter, Pinterest isn't about self-promotion and trying to get as many followers as possible. Followers are good, but I see Pinterest is a way to archive my own creative inspirations while also having the opportunity to view other's inspirations.

 Here is what you will see when you sign into Pinterest:

So pleasing to my eyes.

Here is a shot of my boards so far.

I love how everything is so organized and clean. 

So far, I have mostly just repinned photos from other people's boards, with the exception of pinning a few photos of my own. 

I always see fun projects or gift ideas I want to remember, but I don't have an organized method of bookmarking and saving links. Pinterest is perfect for this because it not only allows me to categorize the photo, but it also links back to the original website, allowing me to visit it whenever I want.

Right now, Pinterest is invite only. You can request an invite and they will grant you access to the site (that's what I did), or I can invite you if you want! Just let me know.

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