Friday, April 13, 2012

Half-Marathon and Easter!

These last few weeks have been cuh-razy. Yes, I just said that in a blog post. I'm having a hard time believing I will be graduating from college in less than a month and moving into the real world. However, I have lots to get done before that happens. I just wanted to share some photos from the past few weeks with you!
Ran my half-marathon 2 weeks ago! I was hoping to finish in 2 hours and I ended up finishing in 1:55! Definitely not the easiest thing I have ever done, but I think I would run one again.
Here are a few Easter pictures with the fam
Me and Kinley
Andrew got to come up for the weekend!

Last week I celebrated Easter with friends and family. I volunteered at and went to the Easter services at my church (which were amazing!), spent time with my mom's side of the family and played with puppies all day. My cousin's lab just had 8 little black puppies so we played with them all day long. SO cute. I'm not sure how I didn't snap any photos with my camera.

Hope you all had a great Easter!

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