Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew!

I love birthdays. Anyone that knows me at all knows this about me. My parents say that I treat my birthday like it is a national holiday. But I don't just love my birthday, I love other people's birthdays too. Last week it was my boyfriend's birthday, and I am pretty sure I was more excited about than he was. When he was giving me gift ideas he gave me some boring ideas like a soccer jersey, PS3 controllers, iPod adapter for his car, or clothes. Then he told me maybe I could get him some "paraphernalia" for his room. I don't know why he chose to use the word "paraphernalia" or why he decided he wanted that, but he had me sold on the idea the minute it came out of his mouth. The other gift ideas didn't stand a chance. Here is what his room looked like before...
I wish you could see the other pictures, but I took them on my phone and can't figure out how to get them to my blog. There was a (very unorganized) bookshelf in the other corner of his room. He bought this huge bookshelf at the beginning on the year and didn't really have anything to put on it, so he turned into a "filing cabinet" for all the notes for his classes. His "filing cabinet" consisted of small stacks of paper scattered among the shelves. Also please notice the jersey decorations he made. He loves soccer jerseys, which is what I got him last year for Christmas. He loves them so much he decided to display them on his wall by putting a nail in the wall and hanging them up on a wire hanger. Oh Andrew, this is why I like you :)

So I decided I would help him with his room a little. I obviously couldn't decorate it to the extent that I wanted to 1) he would hate it and say that I went overboard, and 2) I didn't have the budget to do everything I would have liked to. I had to still keep it simple and manly for him. This is what I came up with...

Found this comforter at Kohl's for 80% off and decided it was manly enough to get. Also got some Clemson pictures to post on the wall, annnnd added a throw pillow. Andrew HATES excessive throw pillows. We had an ugly couch in my apartment last year, so we covered it with throw pillows to make it look pretty. Also had lots of throw pillows on my futon freshman year. Andrew hated them, he always threw them on the ground when he came over. Needless to say, I knew I couldn't get away with getting him more than one, and one was pushing it. 
I also reorganized his desk area and framed this Zlatan poster and hung it up. I had to add Zlatan in there somewhere because he is Andrew's favorite soccer player. Remember the jersey I said I got him last year? It was Zlatan. When I first started asking him what he wanted for his birthday he would just say "Zlatan! Zlatan! Zlatan!" What does that even mean??? 
Here is the bookshelf when I finished with it! I wish you could have seen it before. It actually looks full now. Plus, all the sport stuff that was scattered on the floor of his room now has a spot. Seeing a theme with sports? We are a little bit opposite if you couldn't tell :)
Another shot of the bookshelf +the beautiful picture his mom painted for him. 

He was very surprised when he came in his room. I think he liked it, at least he said he did. Maybe for Christmas I will do a more boring fun gift for him :)

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  1. 1) you obviously messed my room up extra to add effect.
    2) the filing cabinet idea was i cant find anything
    3) stupid throw pillows
    4) Zlatan
    5) i guess it does look pretty good now. :)
    6) good girlfriend