Sunday, April 10, 2011

Super Duper Office

This past week, I had the opportunity to watch a photo shoot for Greenville's new TOWN magazine. TOWN is a recently released magazine that features art, fashion, culture, along with social scene in Greenville. My boss just so happens to be the fashion editor for the magazine, so she thought it would be a fun experience for me to come watch a photoshoot for May's upcoming fashion spread. Let me tell you, this spread is going to be amazing. Not only did she put some great outfits together, but the spread was shot at a building that is possibly the coolest building in Greenville. Now Greenville has some beautiful, old, unique buildings, but that is not where we shot. We shot at Super Duper Publications on Pelham Road. If you live in Greenville, it's the building that looks like a castle from the outside. The outside is unique, but no words can describe the inside of the building. When I walked in, I felt like I was walking into an IKEA showroom. The place was amazing. As I strolled wide-eyed through the conference rooms, I learned the also have 16 themed bathrooms, which is where we shot the majority of the photos for the May spread. These are NOT your typical bathrooms, in fact the toilet is the last thing you notice in most of them.  I was kicking myself for not having my camera with me. Here are a few pictures I snapped with my phone. 


This bathroom is called "Girl Power." I think you can see why.


"The Princess Powder Room." I will say the life size doll is a little creepy.

"Cowboys and Cowgirls." 

I should also mention that each bathroom had music, candles, and lighting fixtures that went along with the theme of each bathroom. No overhead lights for this place. If you want to "take a tour" of the bathrooms virtually, you can actually go to their website and see them. Here a few other photos of conferences rooms.
Typical conference table
Typical conference room table.
Egytian themed conference room. Yes that is a camel
Egyptian themed conference room. Please notice the camel.

They also had a lunch room set up like a diner for the employees to go during their lunch break. No, it was not a working restaurant, but it did have a jukebox. Next to the diner was  break room complete with pool tables and massage chairs. So cool. 

You have got to check out the fashion section of TOWN's May issue. Just remember, most of the shots took place in bathrooms. Including the black room with neon lights everywhere. 

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