Sunday, June 17, 2012

First week. Check.

I've officially been in NYC for one week. After wrapping up the first week of my internship, I decided to do a little exploring this weekend. 

On Friday night, Ines, a girl at the Webster who also moved in last week, and I headed over to Union Square to walk around. I have a friend from high school who just moved up to NY and she was in the area, so we met up with her as well. The three of us window shopped and went in and out of the stores. I finally figured out where a Whole Foods was and went in just to see how big it was. Because it's more than one floor, they have little escalators for your shopping carts. It's funny how after being in NYC for a week, I suddenly label any store that is only one floor as "small." I'm going to be in for a rude awakening when I come back to South Carolina.

On Saturday morning, I got up and went for a run along the High Line. The High Line is a (mini) park built along a set of old railroad tracks. It's above street level, and provides a nice strip to run along while being surrounded by a beautiful green oasis of grass and trees.

Part of the High Line

Around lunchtime, Sari, Ines and I all headed to the Times Square area. I mentioned Ines earlier, but Sari is another girl who moved in last week as well. The three of us have been eating and hanging out together. It's nice to meet people who are also new to NYC and want to do touristy things like me. We walked to Times Square in search of 99 cent slices of pizza. After a little help from Google, we finally found some. You may be skeptical about buying a 99 cent slice of pizza, but it actually was really good! Here's a few pictures from our adventure....

Not too shabby

We also saw the infamous Naked Cowboy while in Times Square.

So many M&M's

While we were in Times Square, we decided to stop in a few of the theatre box offices and find out what their student ticket/rush policies were. The first one we stopped in was Mary Poppins, and they happened to have some student tickets available for the show on Saturday night for $32. After thinking about it for approximately .018 seconds, we decided to buy them. How could we have passed them up?

After walking around Times Square for a little longer, we decided to go find a little treat.  I've always thought Times Square was so glamorous in the past, and it is to an extent, but it is SO crowded. Everyone moves so slow and there are so many people. I think I've gotten a little to used to the fast pace of NYC. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very fast walker, so I fit right in up here. 

After consulting Google maps again, we found a Crumbs Bake Shop and stopped in to get a cupcake. So many flavors. I finally decided to order the Apple Cobbler cupcake.

Oh my goodness.

It was incredible, and I don't say that about many cupcakes. I consider myself to be a little bit of a cupcake snob since I like to make them a lot, and I haven't tried many incredible cupcakes from bakeries. I'm not saying I'm this world-class baker - I'm not - but I expect cupcakes to be moist when I buy them.

This cupcake was so good. The cake part was extremely moist, and it had a delicious apple pie filling inside. It was topped off with cream cheese icing covered in crumb topping. Delicious. 

After I ordered my cupcake, I noticed they had the calorie count listed by each flavor. Really, Crumbs? If I'm splurging on a delicious cupcake, I don't really want to know how many calories are in it. There were a lot. But that's besides the point :)

We headed back to the Webster for a bit and then started walking back to Times Square to see Mary Poppins. It was so great. Loved every second. 

Beautiful view from the Webster's rooftop garden

On Sunday, I woke up and ran the High Line again. After eating lunch, I walked a few streets over to a flea market. It was a little different than the Pickens Flea Market. Mostly upscale antiques and expensive vintage clothes. However, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all the vintage clothes and wishing I was an adult in the 1950's so I could wear the clothes from that era. 

Tonight I wrapped up my weekend by visiting Redeemer Presbyterian Church. It's a pretty decent sized church up here that I've heard great things about. It was a little different from NewSpring, but I still really enjoyed the service. 

I'd say it was a successful first weekend in NY. I'm even more excited about next weekend because I've got something really exciting planned! Guess you'll have to read my post next week to find out what it is...

I know, that's a little mean :)

Time to get back to the grind. 

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