Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Love NY

At least for now. I don't know that I could live here long-term, but it's been fun so far! I got here on Sunday, and these past few days have been such a whirlwind. My mom, her friend Jill, and Jill's daughter Lansing (also one of my friends) came up with me on Sunday and left this morning. Lansing interned at Ralph Lauren three summers ago, so it was great to have someone who knew how to get around NYC. We flew in to LaGuardia and somehow fit all our luggage into a cab. I managed to squeeze all my stuff for the next three months into 3 suitcases. 

Maybe three suitcases is a little much, but let's be real, it has to last me three months. Here's a picture of all our luggage put together. 

We dropped everything off at their hotel and headed to grab a bite to eat. After that, we took all my stuff to the Webster, which is where I'll be living for the month of June. After June, I'm subleasing from a friend of a friend in Brooklyn. 

Everyone helped me get settled in and then we went on a tour of the Webster. It has a beautiful rooftop garden with this stunning view...
I'll tell you more about the Webster in another post.

After that, I wanted to figure out where I would be working,  so we practiced getting on the right subway so I would know where to go the next morning. The subway actually isn't as hard as I thought it would be, especially when I have Google maps and Hopstop on my phone. The PR agency I'm interning for is only about a mile from where I live, but there isn't a great way to get there on the subway. I can either walk the whole mile to work, or I can walk half a mile to the subway station and ride the train in. 

I miraculously made it to work on Monday without getting all mixed up - thank you Lord! I headed up to my office and learned more about what I will be doing this summer. The company I work for is actually split up between three floors in the building because they've experienced a good bit of growth. I really like all the people I work with and think I'm going to learn a ton. It's definitely not a company where they make the interns get coffee and run errands - we got thrown in the first day and are getting to work on a lot of different projects. 

After work I met up with Mom, Jill and Lansing and we headed to the West Village to eat. During dinner, we looked across the street and saw Cuba Gooding Jr. Of course we had to get up and ask him if we could get a picture. Not gonna lie, he was a little bit creepy. 
Me, Lansing, Cuba, and Lansing's friend Carolyn

After our first celebrity spotting, we walked around the West Village for a while. I got my first cupcake in the city from Magnolia Bakery. There are so many cute little bakeries up here. 

Monday felt so glamourous. My first day working in NYC. The West Village. Celebrity spotting. Cupcakes.....

Then Tuesday happened. 

On Tuesday, I learned that living in the city is not so fun when it rains. 

Because I was already bringing so much stuff, I didn't bring any rainboots because they are so bulky and heavy (every pound counts!). It's not very fun walking to the subway station with just a little umbrella. My feet were so gross. Enough said. 

But Tuesday was still a fun day. I met up with everyone after work and we ate at the Chelsea Market. Thankfully, all the shops in the Chelsea Market are indoor, so it was a great place to go. 

Inside the Chelsea Market

We headed up to Dylan's Candy Bar after dinner, which is owned by Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren's daughter.

 Oh my goodness. The place consists of three floors of candy. How could anyone not love that? 
Mom, Jill, and Lansing left this morning, so we said our goodbyes in the rain last night after the candy bar. Now I'm officially on my own in NYC. Little bit scary, but I'm really excited about what this summer holds!
Snapped this pic on my walk home tonight. Beautiful Empire State Building all lit up. 

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  1. I love you and am so exceited to hear ore about your journey in NYC! I am praying for you and I cannot wait to come see you!!! Miss you already!!